Young Teenagers Build robot to clean world’s ocean of plastic waste


Amazing young Sudanese built robot machines to clean the world’s ocean of plastic waste.

According to reports, waste is a big threat to aquatic and human lives as they keep increasing.

This lovely team of South Sudanese teenagers has manufactured a robot to help reduce plastic waste in the world.

The creation was, however, showcased at the First Global Challenge held in Dubai.

Richard Ring, identified as the team mentor, stated that the robot was built to help clean up the Nile.

According to one of the teens, James Madut, he stated that it is important for youths to work together on improving their societies.

As a youth, our main point is to unite and make a change and work with the community to clean the oceans. We can do it together.

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Poor plastic disposal has always been one of the core issues environmentalists struggle with as they do not only clog drainages but become a threat to aquatic life.

According to Face2Face, plastic wastes disturbingly rose in the early 2000s than they were in the past 40 years, as 300 million tons of plastic wastes are said to be generated annually.

Some of the rivers that those wastes reportedly come from are Yangtze, Indus, Pearl, Mekong, Nile, Niger, among several others.

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