You keep falling in love with the wrong Men? This is for you!


Why do you keep falling in love with the wrong Men?
What can you do to put an end to falling in love with the wrong Men?

One thing you need to understand is, it is not his fault, but yours.

You must be wondering how is it your fault, isn’t it? Cool.

The reason you keep falling in love with the wrong Men is because of your perceptions of who you are, your beliefs on what you deserve, not forgetting that your thoughts about what a relationship should look like, and feel like is inclusive.

You need to be realistic about this relationship thing, don’t bring it to the movie world.

Read these tips below to avoid falling for the wrong Men:

  • Learn the true reason you keep falling in love with the wrong Men

Don’t give up the strong woman in you all because you think a Man controls your thoughts and behaviors, Find out that thing that’s making you fall for the wrongs, tackle it, and find freedom.

  • ¬†Eliminate any shame and self-hatred you have towards yourself

You think you ain’t pretty enough to get a responsible man and then you settle for less? some even feel their families are not rich and you meet a rich guy treating you with no respect and you decide to manage. You know what lady? avoid unsafe relationships.

  • Stop romanticizing¬† love, relationships, and marriages in movies

Like I said earlier, don’t bring your love life to the movie world, be real to yourself.

  • Rebuild your self-identity and love for yourself

Love yourself because you are amazing. learn to opt for healthy confrontations- be with someone you can say it just how it feels inside.

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  • Pray and trust God to bring you the right Man

What can we do without God? Nothing. Pray and trust God on this.

  • Learn how to wait for the right relationship

Yes, it’s normal to be scared of being alone but you need to learn to wait, give it some more time. He will find you.

Never forget, you deserve nothing but the best, You are meant to love and be loved.

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