Shehu Sani reveal reason behind regulating of social media in Buhari government


The former lawmaker, Shehu Sani has revealed reasons why President Muhammadu Buhari’s government wants to regulate social media.

The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, had once said the federal government was working on regulating social media. Mohammed said Buhari has approved measures to rid the airwaves of fake news and hate speech.

He revealed that the fine for media houses ranges from NGN500,000 to NGN5,000,000 for breaches relating to hate speeches, inciting comments and indecency.

But, Sani speaking on the development said Buhari’s government plan to regulate social media is not to checkmate hate speech but to stifle freedom of speech by Nigerians.

On his Twitter page, he wrote: “The efforts to regulate social media is not primarily about checkmating fake news, hate speeches or defamation, but majorly about stifling freedom of speech and expression and the right to question power and hold it to account.”

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