See Why Dogs Always Have A Wet Nose


Dog owners generally believe it’s okay for a dog to have a wet nose, but do you even ask yourself why their nose is always wet in the first place?

The thing is, wet noses work better.

Thinking how it has to be that way?

The sense of smell is very important to Dogs, putting their noses in high regard in the canine community.

Human depends primarily on the vision to survive but for Dogs, both the sight and smell is important for effective communication.

Dogs have over 100 million sensory receptor sites in the nasal cavity, while humans have 6 million.

Also, wet noses have their advantages such as keeping a dog cool.

How does a Dog nose get wet?

  • By secreting mucus: The inner lining of a dog’s nose contains special glands that produce mucus so as to keep the nasal canals moist.

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  • By licking their noses: Dogs lick their noses as they have long tongues. Licking their noses, their saliva keeps the nose wet.

  • Dog noses get wet at work: The canine nose works really hard. Dogs use their sense of smell alongside with sight to survive in the world, making them sniff a lot of stuff. Even after picking wet things, their noses get wet.

A wet nose is normal but a dry nose is not always abnormal as a lot of people believe a dog with a wet nose is the healthy one.

A dog could be sick and still have a wet nose.



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