See what Couple did after they found #390M on the Road


    A couple which was on a weekend drive has seen a bag of money on the road thinking it was a waste.

    The couple’s name were known to be David and Emily Schantz.

    Subsequently, the family was driving near their Caroline County address on Saturday, May 16 when they ran-over two bags.

    The family has however picked-up two bags they thought contained waste on a weekend drive.

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    Howbeit, the woman decided to check the waste after seeing other cars swerve over the bags.

    The couple was surprised later after discovering the bag did not contain waste but money worth #390M.

    The couple has, therefore, returned the money to the authorities.

    Subsequently, the family has proved that honest people still exist after they stumbled upon almost $1 million (N390,000,000) along the road on their way home.

    They have therefore returned the money to the authorities.


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