See the S.e,x Positions that Burn Calories


Have you been looking for several ways to burn your calories and it all ended up futility? Having enthusiasm wavering for virtual gym classes? Why not replace your workout sessions with these calorie-burning sex positions.

Luckily, there are ways you can burn off your festive foods without it being a chore, in fact, you might even find yourself going back for more.

So what sex positions burn the most calories, you ask? Golfsupport gave Fitbits to 112 heterosexual couples and told them to wear it while doing the deed.

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If you’re a lady who likes it on top then it’s good news for you, because the results show that women burn the most during The Squat –  188 calories to be specific.

But if you want to burn off more than just the chocolate bar you ate, you can ramp it up a notch by going faster and lose up to 224.

Why not try switching it up and going reverse instead. You’re bound to drop 137 calories while your bloke burns just 48.

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1The Squat50188
2Butter Churner211179
3Kneeling Wheelbarrow167149
7Reverse Cowgirl48137
8Legs Up127116
969 style78111
10Doggy Style182103
12The Eagle14569

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