President Buhari sends message to Governors


    President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, December 16, called on governors to improve access to quality education in their states.

    He added that NPA is key to the realization of the Ministerial Strategic Plan (MSP) because everything ultimately depends on it.

    Buhari said: “Without data, you cannot plan anything; the government wants to ensure that all Nigerian children are given equal opportunity to complete basic education.”

    “This document contains data of enrollment and locations of schools for private and non-private and the number of qualified teachers and other indices in order to determine key indicators in the education sub-sector.”

    “Our stakeholders will find this document useful. However, this is not to say that that this document being launched today is perfect. I am sure the report has revealed some gaps that need to be filled at various levels of government so as to improve basic education delivery in our country.”

    “I want state governments to critically examine the findings or recommendations contained in this report that affect their states and take necessary actions to ensure improved access, equity and quality in education delivery. States with very high deficiencies in teachers and infrastructure facilities need to redouble their efforts to close these gaps”.

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