Peter Okoye, Others React to Omah Lay’s Arrest in Uganda


Nigerians have taken to social media to react to the arrest of Nigerian musician Omah Lay’s arrest in Uganda as he sent out an SOS on Twitter saying he is being set up and he is just ONLY a singer trying to entertain.

Recall the young artiste and another female, Tems were arrested for allegedly floating covid-19 rules in Uganda after they performed against the ”law”.

Omah lay had earlier said it is true he was arrested but all will be well soon. Only for him to tweet again that he is being SETUP.

Albiet, Peter Okoye quickly put a call to Abike Dabiri asking the Nigerian Government to step in, and she assured him they will.

Peter also tweeted warning Ugandans that they shouldn’t dare look for Nigerian’s trouble and demand they release both musician sound and safe!

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Subsequently, a Twitter user tweeted with a photo showing the musicians have been sentenced to prison by a judge in Ugandan to appear again on the 16th of December, 2020.

Omah was sent to Kitalya prison while Tems was taken to Kigo prison.

”Finally, @temsbaby & @Omah_Lay are taken to Kitalya prison and Tems is taken to Kigo prison, Omah Lay is taken to kitalya prison until 16 Dec2020 and the event orginisers /Promoters and they will have to appear to High Court on Wednesday.”

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