PDP has pushed Bauchi into bankruptcy, APC says.


The Bauchi State chapter of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration for pushing Bauchi state into bankruptcy in less than six months of its inception.

APC in a statement said the state government now finds it difficult to pay monthly salaries as and when due;

“It could be recalled that during the gubernatorial campaign, the PDP had accused the APC led administration of expending N5.1 billion on monthly salaries of civil servants (state and local governments) without a convincing reason. Ironically, within 100 days of assuming power, the same PDP cried aloud that the wage/salary bill of the state civil servants was over N6 billion and by then, no political appointment was made and the state house of assembly was not inaugurated but yet, the PDP announced that the salary bill was already over N6 billion.

Within two months in office, the salary bill has reached an alarming and unbelievable amount of over N7 billion with only a few appointments made while those appointments into the civil service made by the APC administration and promotions of deserving civil servants were canceled and excluded from the N7 billion claim” ,the party alleged.

The party, therefore, claimed that the government is bankrupt but resorted to playing politics ”by withholding workers’ salaries under the pretext of identifying ghost workers.”

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