Oyo confirms 27 new cases of COVID-19 in iSON Xperiences, Ibadan


Oyo state government has confirmed another 27 new cases of COVID-19 in iSON Xperiences, Ibadan.

As of 21st May, NCDC has reported 28 new cases of the novel coronavirus in Oyo State during its daily report on the virus.

Amid the 28 news cases, 27 are confirmed in iSON Xperiences Company, Ibadan.

This was made known by the governor of the state, Governor Seyi Makinde.

Subsequently, Makinde has taken to his social media to update the residents on the latest case confirmed in the state.

According to Makinde, 28 suspected cases for the virus all came back positive.

However, amid the 28 cases, Makinde reported that 27 cases are from iSON Xperiences.

While the remaining case is from Akinyele Local Government Area.

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“The COVID-19 confirmation tests for twenty-eight suspected cases came back POSITIVE. Twenty-seven are from iSON Xperiences and the last case is from Akinyele Local Government Area.”

So, the total number of confirmed cases in Oyo State is 190.

Makinde added that “Let me reassure you, as Head of the Oyo State COVID-19 Task Force, that we are doing everything in our power to contain the spread of this disease, given the recent increase in numbers.”

The upside is that majority of the COVID-19 cases in Oyo State have relatively mild or no symptoms.”

Moreover, this means that with the proper management of cases that we have put in place, they will recover without any complications, he said.

“The downside is that when people are asymptomatic, they can easily spread the virus unknowingly.”

“This is why we all must play our roles by adhering to guidelines on frequent hand washing with soap and water, physical distancing, and the use of face masks in public places.”

“We will continue to deploy all resources at our disposal to ensure that the virus is contained in Oyo State. Together, we can fight this pandemic.”



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