Ondo residents cries over increase in the price of rice


The ban of foreign rice importation into Nigeria and the closure of the country’s borders has caused an increase in the price  of rice and Ondo residents have cried out.

At the Oja Oba market situated in Akure, traders selling rice were seen lamenting the lack of sales since the increase in the price of rice claiming that a bag is now worth between N29,500 and N30,000 for foreign rice.

A survey that was carried out on Tuesday 29th October, revealed that well-polished local rice is being sold for N21,300 and Buhari rice is being sold for N17,000. The price range is the same at Shasha market situated at Oba-Ile in Akure

A trader known as Mariam Adesoye said the increase in the price of rice is now alarming and something needs to be done because of the festive period.

A customer also said that until the price of rice comes down, she won’t be buying for now. She added that the Buhari rice isn’t affordable and it’s usually filled with stones.

Another consumer identified as Funmilayo said she has two kids who are still in primary school and both prefer taking rice to school than any other meal, she has no choice than to buy the product despite the increase and it’s a very big challenge for her.


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