Obi Cubana Shares Success Tips


    Nigerian billionaire businessman Obi Cubana in an interview a Nigerian blogger identified as Tunde Ednut has shared success tips to Nigerians aspiring to be great and successful.

    According to the businessman who recently buried his mother said, people who want to be successful should never stop working hard towards achieving such goal.

    During his interview with Ednut, he stated that social media made it look like he became a successful man overnight, adding that his business has been in existence for 13 years.

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    According to Cubana, the attributes people aspiring to greatness must have include patience, diligence, being hardworking and having integrity.

    In furtherance to his words, Cubana said despite his success, he faced some challenges along the line but he was able to surmount them. Speaking about why people love him so much, saying:

    “I think it’s maybe because I’m keeping it as simple as possible, as natural as possible. I don’t need to struggle form what is not. This is me, this is who I am, and this is who I will always be.”

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    “You have to look at the story behind the success. Success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work very hard, you have to follow the process. There’s no free money out there. There’s nothing like soap anywhere to cut, you have to work for your own soap.”

    What the world lacks these days is integrity. You have to keep to your word. If you have business agreement with people, with establishment, with brands, you have to as much as possible respect that.”

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