Nigerians Protest In Front Of National Assembly over Sowore,Social Media Bill


    Nigerians are currently angry and protesting about Sowore that has been in detention and against a bill that would regulate engagement on social media with the campaign #saynotosocialmediabill.

    The protection from falsehood and manipulation bill 2019 was presented in the senate for a second reading last week before being passed on for further approval.

    Activists are out for a rally in front of the national assembly this Wednesday, 27th November 2019, to protest against the bill.

    The bill prohibits statements on social media deemed “likely to be related to national security” “and those which may diminish public confidence” in Nigeria’s government.

    The bill proposes these offences be punishable by a fine or a prison sentence of three years or both. The bill also seeks to allow law enforcement agencies to order internet service providers to disable internet access.


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