Moment Toke Makinwa Dashes Comedian Mr. Marcaroni N10m (Video)


Nigerian radio personality, Toke Makinwa has buzz the social media in her recent work made with Comedian Macaroni.

Mr. Macaroni’s recent skit took a new turn and many of his fans and followers weren’t expecting it.

The Comedian made his new skit with television host and entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa “tagged benefit papa

The comedian’s skit is known to mostly be about him giving out money to women who are well-endowed with physical features.

From N300K to N500K, the comedian is known to bless whichever woman he feels like spending on.

Doing that, he approached Toke, asked for her account number, and transferred the sum of N300k to her.

Responding to the gift, the Vlogger said:

“What am I supposed to do with that? Should I put petrol in my car? Give my driver for the weekend or maybe change my tyres,” she asked.

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Furthering the video, the Nigerian radio personality went on to tell the comedian to put his account number.

He grudgingly did that to see how much she would send to him.

The media personality transferred a sum of N10m to the comedian and asked him to change his car as it is due for an upgrade.

Toke also told Mr. Macaroni “to use the money to take care of his wife and kids and stop running after young girls.”

According to her, he needs the money he gave her more than she did.



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