Make food available during lockdown- ASUU tells Govt


The President of Academic Staff Union of University, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi tells both the federal and state government to make food available during this lockdown.

Make food, electricity and water supply available during this lockdown.

Also, he said the federal and state government should ensure that there is a reasonable supply of food and electricity to the citizens during the lockdown.

Moreover, the academic union said the lockdown of the country can only be effective and productive if there is adequate provision of electricity and water supply.

Amid the statement made available to the journalists in Ibadan by the Ogunyemi, he said there should not be broken chains of food supply, water, and electricity.

However, access to electricity, adequate supply of water and unbroken food chain supply should be the component keyword of the lockdown.

Therefore, the lockdown can be effective and operative in the country if there is a provision of food, water, and electricity supply.

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