Lagos State Government orders Danfo drivers not to exceed 8 passengers per trip


The Lagos state has ordered commercial drivers like Danfo not to take more than 8 passengers per trip from now on.

This is as a result of the LASG trying so hard to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The government has also directed commercial boats to make sure the lifejackets are disinfected immediately after each trip.

Dr. Fredrick Oladehinde who is the commissioner for transportation said that motor parks, garages and other public transportation-related to environment must be fumigated and provided with hand sanitizers, also with water and soup.

He said this while briefing the journalists on the newly introduced measures to curb the spread of the pandemic.

He said;

“Danfo drivers must make sure they’ll don’t carry above eight passengers irrespective of the number of passengers on the road. All vehicles must not carry their full capacity. They have been instructed to below their capacity to 60.”

“All transport operators/companies are expected to have at the entrance to their respective parks/garages, washing hand equipment with soap and running water. All operators are expected to have alcohol based sanitizers in their vehicles for the use of drivers, conductors and passengers”.

“All operators are not allowed to over crowd/over load their vehicles at this point in time, passenger’s spacing must be fully observed. NCDC recommends that at least 2m (5feet) distance is required between anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness.”

He also said that while standing is now prohibited in all the buses, all buses should be at 60% capacity and not 100%, i.e., danfo and other commercial buses.


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