Lagos state government allays fears over 5G technology


Lagos state government has allayed the fear over the 5G technology.

Subsequently, the state assured that there is nothing to fear over the alleged danger posed by 5G technology to their health.

This was disclosed by the Commissioner for Science and Technology, Mr. Hakeem Fahm, at the 2020 Ministerial press briefing, commemorating the one year in office of the Sanwo-Olu led administration.

However, the state declared that the controversies over the 5G technology were unnecessary.

Also, the government added that it has re-invigorated its e-governance operations, with the innovation of the LASG Campus Network, an enterprise infrastructure that connects thousands of computers from all MDAs within and around the secretariat for e-governance operations.

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Fahm said the state was fully committed to leading in ICT for the greater good of Lagos State and the country.

The Commissioner for Science and Technology furtherly explained that,

“The 2G will support voice, text messaging, and multi-media. The 3G went further with an increase in capacity, about 20 megabits per second, now you go to the 4G with an 11increase in capacity.”

“With 5G we are talking about an increase in capacity, whereby if you make a movie, a two-hour movie it can be downloaded in a matter of ten seconds. ”
“5G is highly efficient and highly desirable you will be able to do more with less.”

“In terms of safety, World Health Organisation conducted studies on the electromagnetic radiation coming out of all the networks and finally, they came out with a report that there is nothing wrong with all these wireless technologies. Wireless is safe.’’

Moreover, he disclosed that the upgrade optimizes the current network to reliably and securely support new and existing applications and devices.

The Commissioner also stated the main objective of the optimization is to increase network availability, performance, and security of the LASG Campus Enterprise Network while at the same time stabilizing its ICT environment for a smarter Lagos.

According to the commissioner, this improved online solution innovated the first-ever virtual meeting by the Lagos State Executive Council in the history of governance in the state and country.

He highlighted the meeting was held via Zoom, a free HD meeting application with video and screen sharing for up to 100 people.

Dwelling on the role of Digital Technology in driving Lagos Economy, Fahm highlighted the LASG Enterprise GIS Upgrade and Integrated Land Administration Automation Programme will provide a fully digital mapping platform and an integrated end-to-end land admin system effectively reducing silos of information system and developing programs such as security, aerial surveillance, search and rescue operations, health, mapping flood, and erosion control and many more.

He added to ensure public services are delivered despite the overwhelming population the state is faced with, the state recently launched two aerial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), commonly called drones which would help in digital mapping and accurate planning, in line with the State’s vision of achieving a smart city status



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