Kano Bans Almajiri system of Education


Kano State government has formally banned the Almajiri system of Education.

The governor of the state, Governor Abdullahi Ganudje disclosed at the COVID-19 media briefing that over 1000 Almajiri are received from various states of the Northern Region.

Subsequently, the Kano state government has evacuated about 1,172 Almajiri to their states.

More recently, about 2000 Almajiri were quarantined for two weeks after the state commenced the repatriation exercise.

Though the state task force on COVID-19 has not confirmed any positive case of the Almajiris’.

However, the Kano government believes that in view of the current circumstances, the Almajiri system of education must be stopped.

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Consequently, Kano state government has formally abolished the traditional Almajiri system of education in the state after completing arrangements to enroll all repatriated Almajiri to Kano from other states into conventional educational system.

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje stated on Wednesday that the sending back of the Almajiri children to their states of origin has not stopped.

He, therefore, added that all the Almajirai who are not from Kano will be handed over to the right persons in charge.

Ganduje called on all residents to remain calm and continue to observe all safety precautions to prevent further spread of the pandemic which the government says is reducing drastically.

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