Gunman Attack French Mosque


A suspected gunman has been arrested on Monday 28th october as he fired near a mosque at Bayonne in southwest France leaving two people injured.

The victims were brought to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, while the suspected shooter was later arrested near his home.

The gunman was arrested near his home after the incident that also involved a small explosion, presumably from a petrol can set on fire near the place of worship on Monday afternoon.

According to the police authorities, the suspect, an 84-year-old had opened fire when the two men, aged 74 and 78, came to him while trying to set fire to the mosque’s door.

The mosque is now under investigation investigations.

The incident came just hours after President Emmanuel Macron had urged France’s Muslim community to step up the fight against “separatism” in the wake of the latest attack by an Islamist radical on French soil, in which a police employee stabbed four colleagues to death.


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