Gbas Gbos: Shooting in Ondo between APC and PDP Supporters


Supporters of the ruling party (APC) and the opposite partner (PDP) on Sunday morning exchanged gunfire in Akure, Ondo State.

The shooting on Oba Adesida Road was reported to be an escalation of the clash on Saturday, during which an APC supporter was killed.

According to the Twitter post by a resident, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and the All Progressives Congress(APC)were involved in gunfire exchanged in Akure.

According to the resident, one person was reported killed today and many injured.

The Ondo PDP claimed two persons were killed and put the blame on NURTW members supporting Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

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Residents have expressed concerns over the shooting.

@YemieFASH: “Yesterday someone was shot dead in Akure, this morning another person has been reportedly shot dead. We can not allow our state to be turned into a battleground because of the election. NO!!”
@loveog2002: This #Akureshootings is becoming something else, last night all hell was let loose at Oba nla, this morning is ijomu. Since when do we vote with guns in Ondo state? This is a new level of unacceptable election violence.”
@EdetBasie12: “If Akure cannot be safe in times like this, then both Inec and Nigerians should expect a very poor voter turnout and participation during the October 10th polls”
@Lord1datroy: “All I don’t understand is how this had to be violent. If this can be happening now..what would happen on election day? I’m fearful of our future. Ondo can do better than this we have always been responsible and reputable.”

@Cvybez: “Nigeria is the only country where children aren’t the leaders of tomorrow. It’s either they are being killed before the “tomorrow” or the stupid elderly politicians meant to create a better future for them are robbing them of the so-called “tomorrow.”

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