Gbadamosi urge Sanwo-Olu to wake up to challenges as he clocks 200 days in office


The Action Democratic Party (ADP) candidate in the last Lagos Governorship election, Babatunde Gbadamosi, has urged governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to wake up to the challenges as he clocks 200 days in office.

Babatunde Gbadamosi scored Sanwo-Olu low, saying he could have done better

Gbadamosi said: “Sanwo-Olu needs to find his spine, he needs to find his backbone, he needs to find his will and execute what he said he will execute if elected the governor of Lagos state when we had that famous pre-election debate.”

“The governor needs to wake up and sort out the lowest of the low hanging fruit” Gbadamosi said.

“The Lagos-Badagry Expressway is a shame to 20 years of civilian governance in Lagos State despite the support received from the Federal Government and partners to redevelop the road. It is a shame to all of us Lagosians that we allow that road to get to such a deplorable state”, he said.

He said that the Lagos State Government could afford and should actually be paying N100,000 as minimum wage considering the high cost of living in the state

“It is not just about criticising and pointing out the flaws, it is about pointing out how well to achieve what we all want, which is good governance. So, we have to do whatever we can do to help the incumbent government to achieve good governance”, Gbadamosi said.

“And the reason they are not built up is because there is no road. For instance, the Lekki -Ajah axis is still largely undeveloped. There’s no road; no coastal road. Imagine if we put a 10-lane expressway along the coastline, the area will develop and if you build a solid infrastructure in Lagos, you make money”.

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