Engineer Creates AI Jesus and feeds it with King James Bible


An Engineer programmed “AI Jesus” by feeding its intelligence with the King James Version Bible.

George Durendel used a natural-language processing system to replicate the ancient words without exactly copying the text.

The technology was programmed to write about three topics: ‘the plague,’ ‘Caesar,’ and the end of days.’

The full copy of the AI’s scripture is riddled with glitches, half of the nouns used are ‘Lord,’ but some eerily resemble what is shown in the bible.

“In these days of trials and tribulations, many have turned to religion,” Durendal shared in a blog post.

“But what religion is left for those who have averted their gaze from the fables of old to the shiny metal toys of today?”

“I present to you A.I. Jesus. The artificial intelligence of my invention created from the King James Bible and nothing else.”

AI Jesus has produced approximately 30,000 words in its scriptures as of August.

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