Edo to Arrest Citizens Without Face Mask


Edo State governement revealed its deployment of over 800 constabulary personnel across the state to enforce strict compliance with the state’s regulations to check the spread of COVID-19.

Adding that the defaulters would be prosecuted and those found guilty will be convict by mobile courts set up across the state.

This was, however disclosed by the state governor, Godwin Obaseki during a Press Conference in  Benin weekend, noting that the state government was strengthening measures to ensure a halt in the spread of the virus.

He insisted that wearing facemasks in public was compulsory while stating that those convicted by the mobile court would be regarded as ex-convicts. 

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He said:

We are strengthening enforcement of COVID-19 regulations in the state. Those who disobey the regulations and would be made to pay fines and undertake community service.”

The over 800 police constabularies who are stationed in each ward in the 18 local governments in the state as well as other security agencies have been charged with enforcing the regulations.”

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