COVID-19: Africa records total case of 9,600 for Coronavirus- WHO


Amid the global pandemic, death in Africa toll hits 466 as cases rise to 9,600.

The World Health Organisation (WH0) Regional Office for Africa says there are 9,600 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the continent with 466deaths.

In her tweet handle, WHO issued an update of the confirmed cases in Africa.

“There are over 9,600 cumulative cases and 466 death reported in 52 countries on the African continent.”

Following the update is the breakdown of the country.

Sao Tome and Principe confirmed its first four positive cases over the past 24 hours.

Cameroon, South Africa, and Algeria are the countries with the highest population of the confirmed cases in the continent.

Subsequently, South Sudan only recorded one confirmed case of COVID-19.

Hence, this makes the 51st of Africa country to have a record of COVID-19.

However, Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria has a total record of 230 confirmed cases and 5 deaths.

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