Coronavirus: 78 new cases in China


The Chinese authorities on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, reported 78 new cases of coronavirus.

This brought about the fear of a second round of coronavirus spread as the majority of the new cases came from other countries.

Where the virus emerged last year, Wuhan recorded its first new case in almost a week.

Three other local infections were also reported elsewhere in the country.

AFP made it known that China’s National Health Commission reported seven more dead people in Wuhan.

The cases from other countries confirmed on Tuesday were the highest since officials started reporting the data at the beginning of March.

It almost doubled those reported Monday, March 23. The virus has killed more than 16,000 people across the globe, The total number of imported cases in China has rise to 427.

All Beijing-bound international flights are now being diverted to other cities where they will be screened for the virus.

It’s been over 81,000 cases in China, and the death toll is up to 3,277.


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