Comrade Emelieze says president Buhari should be reminded he is a tenant at Aso Rock


    The National Coordinator of All Workers Convergence (AWC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze has told President Muhammadu Buhari to remember that he is a tenant at Aso Rock.

    Emelieze addressed Buhari in a letter, entitled, “Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari: Please be reminded that you are a tenant in Aso Rock, stop behaving like a landlord”.

    Emelieze, in the letter said: “Your excellency, I bring you greetings and the very best of my wishes. I hope this letter meets you well, I am one of your unrepentant critics, I have been criticising you not because I hate you as a person but basically to enhance your performance and also because I have not seen anything satisfactory in your conduct as the President of Nigeria since you were sworn in.”

    “Mr President don’t be surprised that, I am talking this way, let posterity judge me if I do not mean well for us all, let it also be the same for you if you do not mean well for us all.”

    “Sir, the existential conditions of citizens is enough to tell you that all is not well with the state. The expectations of the people from you based on your electoral promises is already betrayed. Cost of living is unimaginable too high, social infrastructure is further collapsing under your watch; our national currency is badly devalued under your care. More and more people are becoming hopeless and suicide rate in the country is like never before. Our country’s debt profile has increased beyond measure. It appears to me that there seem not to be any viable ideology for development. The present national creed has been that of unending tension such that Nigerians are at a state of war, a condition of the survival of the fittest in all their social life. Mr President Sir, I am disturbed and equally worried that our present condition is very dangerous and equally antagonistic to progress as our living conditions will in no way encourage creativity and productivity.”

    “In all these Mr President, you pretend not to be aware of the real situation in the land, rather your dispositions suggest a leadership that has abandoned governance. Despite the wailing in the land, your national policies portray a government that is out to add to the existing pains of the people All your programs have been confrontational to the Nigerian people. Our people are now being led like a sheep without a good shepherd, more of a ship that is drifting in a directionless manner.

    “What is really painful is the fact that you are still trying to impose unpopular, unworkable and unacceptable policy on our people. It is as if you want to turn yourself to a dictator and put our people in prison as you have done with some that are now being referred to as prisoners of conscience. It is to this end that I write you as a citizen in defence of our constitution that you are a tenant in Aso Rock, that you have a fixed tenure; which you may or may not complete.”

    “You are an occupant in Aso rock and any other person can occupy same position. You will not be President forever, you are not the landlord of Aso rock, stop acting as one. I am equally sure that I am speaking the minds of most reasonable Nigerians.”

    “Mr President as you read this letter, pause and look back, then you will know what people will say about you someday when you exit the leadership of Nigeria. My prayers for you is that you begin to make your people happy because Nigerians are really not happy with your quality of leadership”.

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