Buhari Reveals His Retirement Plan


The President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari during an interview aired on Arise TV on Thursday, June 10, 2021 disclosed his retirement plan.

The President addressed a range of issues during the rare interview, especially touching on the herders-farmers crisis that has plagued the country especially under his administration.

With many in the country clamouring for the end of open grazing of cattle which routinely brings herders in conflict with local communities, leading to bloodshed, Buhari is more interested in reopening old grazing routes.

Answering the question, the President repeated claim that the herders causing the trouble in the country are not Nigerians, saying:

“The problem is trying to understand the culture of the cattle rearers“.

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Speaking further, he discloses that he will keep himself busy by going to the farm daily.

I have never abandoned my farm. I still have a number of cattle. When I leave, I will be going to my farm daily and try to keep myself busy.”

The president also expressed his strong objection to power devolution and agitation for secession, noting that its promoters are not thinking deeply enough about consequences.

Buhari, therefore, refused to be drawn into talking about his legacy when he leaves office, opting instead to allow Nigerians decide.

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