Another giveaway to commerce on Monday says Apostle Johnson Suleman


The President of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman plans to commerce another giveaway on Monday, 13th April 2020.

The announcement was made in the official twitter handle of the man of God.

Amid the lockdown, the man of God has been given free gifts to people in order to quench hunger.

Moreover, the man of God believes that the lockdown will be productive and effective if there is provision of food for the citizen.

Omega Fire Ministry is a worldwide ministry, the president has been donating money to the people across the globe.

Just recently he made donations to the branch in India and made it known that Nigeria is the epicenter of his charity.

Therefore, he made a promise of another giveaway to Nigerians on Monday.

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Subsequently, there will be another giveaway to the Nigerians on Monday from Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Compliment of the Season.

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