Actor Zubby Michael clears the air on allegedly getting power from Prophet Emeka Odumeje


Nollywood Actor Zubby Michael has cleared the air on the allegedly getting his source of power from the cleric man, Odumeje.

Subsequently, Michael has disproved the claim that Prophet Emeka Odumeje is his pastor.

The actor stated that the pastor is his friend and they have come a long way together.

However, Zubby warned people saying that he got spiritual powers from the pastor.

Meanwhile, many have tagged Odumeje as a fake pastor over some of his displays in the church which is considered unholy by some Christians.

However, Zubby explained that,

“The lion, Odumeje. Where is he leading you all? You guys can enjoy all the drama but I hate it when you say, ‘that’s where Zubby got powers from, he made Zubby successful.”

“Are you sick? The thunder that will fire those making such claims will come from Adamawa! I’m not denying he’s my friend way back from Onitsha. But does that mean I go there to pray?

“Odumeje is my guy, not my pastor. Don’t be stupid. I don’t go to church. I’m more of a spiritual person than a religious. So I hate it when you tag me in your unnecessary drama.”

“Odumeje is my guy; during my house warming, he came and sprayed one point something million. He invited me during his birthday, I went there sprayed N500k.”

Subsequently, Nollywood actor Zubby Michael, who was recently accused by some critics of getting powers from controversial cleric Prophet Odumeje, has come out to deny the allegation.

Following his report, he said Odumeje is his friend and not his pastor.


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