Access Bank cuts staff salary


Amidst the outbreak of the global pandemic, several industries and companies have engaged in the cutting of the staffs’ salaries.

Following the ongoing ravaging of the cutting of staffs’ salaries in the Nigeria Industry as however come to the bank Industry.

Amid this, the CEO of Access Bank has announced the 40% cut from the staffs’ salaries.

Consequently, the Group Managing Director of Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe held a meeting with some members of staff of the Bank Industry via Video.

Following the meeting, he informed the employees on the cut off measures of the staff.

Also, he informed the Employees about the digital transformation that will happen in the Bank, and the digital way does not need the complement of the staff.

Therefore, he told them that many staff including him will be affected by the 40% cut off from the salary.

However, Access Bank has cut the staff salaries by 40% as a result of the outbreak of the virus.







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